Career Options in Information Science

Information Science basically deals with collection, classification, organizing, storage, rescue and retrieval of information. It is studied in the combination of Library Science. Those who are interested in the mentioned characteristics of the subject shall choose the option. As the science is experiencing the assistance of computers, the courses offered are updating with the contemporary requirements and giving the scope to better opportunities.

Who shall choose to enter the stream?

The one who is interested in books or gathering the information related to different subjects shall prefer the stream. Good analytical skills in organizing and fascination of research are helpful attributes. The enthusiastic learners who like to be a continuous learner shall choose it as career, so that it helps the thirst of learning and helps good earning.

What courses are available?

There are several courses from Certificate to Ph.D. offered by many universities. Though the nomenclature of the courses differs from university to university, in general the courses can be briefed as below:

  • Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLISC)
  • Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLISC)
  • Bachelor in Library and Information Science (BLISC)
  • Master in Library and Information Science (MLISC)
  • M.Phil. in Library and Information Science
  • Ph.D. in Library and Information Science.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The academic eligibility of Certificate and Diploma courses is passing 10 + 2.
  • For Bachelor Degree, any Degree from any recognized University is the eligibility criteria.
  • For Master Degree, BLISC or equivalent from a recognized University is the eligibility.
  • For M.Phil. and Ph.D., passing MLISC is must.

The other programs are the award of Associateship of Information Science offered by NISCAIR , Associateship in Documentation and Information Science(ADIS) offered by Indian Statistical Institute.

What is the scope of jobs in Information Science?

Schools of Government and Private Colleges which include every type of college like Engineering, Agriculture, Teacher training etc., proffer the openings for a Librarian. The Graduation or Post Graduation in the area is the eligibility. The educational background in related field will be an added advantage. Example, an Engineering college prefers librarian with science background at college or school. The payment starts from Rs. 10,000 and above.

Teaching in colleges or institutes is another option. Clearing NET (National Eligibility Test) is the eligibility criteria for Lectureship. Higher qualifications like M.Phil. or Ph.D. with NET, provide the eligibility to the top position in teaching like Associate Professors, Professors etc. The payment starts from Rs. 20,000 and above.

Librarian in Public Libraries run by Government and Non Government bodies is another suitable choice. Public Service Commission recruits the librarians for Government bodies. Few Government bodies like Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also recruit librarian paying equal payments as the scientific staff members.

Working as research Assistants to Professors or scholars or in Publishing Companies for preparing Catalogues and bibliographies or for information gathering are few other opportunities.

Apart from the above, there are other prospects as Digital Resource Manager, Digital Rights Manager, Content Manager in Website Creation companies, Manager in internet embedded reference Services, Resource Discovery Managers who help to identify new products etc. are the contemporary positions.

Thus, it is not exaggeration that Information Science is a very good choice as the main track of career.

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