Universities in Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram situated on the banks of Vegavathy River is a city in Tamil Nadu. The city once had religious study centres for Jainism and Buddhism. Kanchipuram is a home to some of the popular temples of India and is one of the famous pilgrimage sites. The monuments in Kanchipuram reflect the long history of the city. Kanchipuram is well known for weaving industry and silk saris across the world.

Universities for Higher Education

When it comes to higher education, there are many Colleges and Universities in Kanchipuram providing excellent education opportunities to students. There are three Universities in Kanchipuram which have a lot of affiliated colleges. A deemed University in Kanchipuram which is named after a saint was established in the year 1993.There are colleges for Sanskrit, Indian Culture, Science, Management, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences, Languages and Life Sciences. This University in Kanchipuram has signed up Memorandums of Understanding with some popular Indian and Foreign institutes.

Another deemed University in Kanchipuram is one of the Top Universities in India with more than 33,000 students and 2358 faculty. This University in Kanchipuram has other campuses in Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Sikkim, Delhi and Haryana. Many colleges under this University offer Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in respective disciplines. College for Engineering and technology offers a wide range of courses in more than 20 disciplines including Mechatronics, Genetic Engineering and Food Process Engineering. This University has colleges for Medical and Health Science, Management, Science and Humanities.

Medical Universities in Kanchipuram

There is a deemed to be Medical University in Kanchipuram which was established in 2005. A world-class medical, dental and nursing college have been set up which have a total intake of 350 students. There is a big super speciality hospital attached to the institute giving opportunities for practical education to students. This University in Kanchipuram offers Undergraduate courses including MBBS, B.Sc. in Allied Health Sciences, Medical Biotechnology and various Postgraduate courses(MS/MD).

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