Universities in Sikkim

This growth and development in education in Sikkim has become really visible in the past decade with the establishment of different Universities in Sikkim. Though the Universities in Sikkim is limited to one Central University in Sikkim there are a number of reputed other institutions and three Private Universities in Sikkim that offer an array of courses in many disciplines.

The Central University in Sikkim offers a number of rare and non-traditional courses that relate to the requirements of the state. Some of these rare courses include Border Studies, Mountain Studies, Hill Culture, Art and Music, the History of the region and many more of such courses. Besides these non-traditional courses, some of the traditional courses are also conducted at the Central University in Sikkim. They include Physical and Life Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Forestry.

Among the institutions and Universities in Sikkim, the largest is the Technological University in which higher education in the disciplines of Medicine Engineering and Management is offered. It also has a number of distance education facilities so that the high quality education offered by the university is made available to the students in their rural regions. It has now become one of the most reputed universities with the large number of affiliating colleges spread across the various regions of the State. More than 10-12 colleges offering various subjects of study has been established.

Two Polytechnics are managed by the State Governments and offer diploma programs in a number of engineering and technological disciplines of study.

Another institute for higher education is the one offering management courses. Besides management courses, it also offers various programs in technology and humanities. The institute conducts an entrance examination for admission of students. Postgraduate and doctoral courses are also offered.

A well –established private university has its presence in the state of Sikkim and offers courses in management especially in the field of finance management and other related courses.

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