Top State Universities in India

The state universities of India are those center of learning that have been established in each state and is recognized by the University Grants Commission, a body set up for the accreditation and other management needs but the funding of the State Universities are usually conducted by the respective States.  Among the state universities in India, the University of Madras, the University of Calcutta and the University of Mumbai are the three oldest universities established. Some of the Top State Universities in India universities conduct, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research courses for a large number of subjects. Enrollment usually depends on the kind of courses and subjects opted.

Every state in India today has its own universities to represent it. Some of them are dedicated to the study of technology or medicine and others are arts, Science and Commerce Universities. There are many Top State Universities in India that conduct special studies according to the region in which it is located. For example, some specific courses of study like dairy farming and aquaculture are specific to certain geographical regions in the country and hence subject centric universities have been established to cater to the local community to prepare them for careers in that particular field. The colleges and other institutions in the state are usually affiliated with the State Universities.

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