Top Open Universities in India

Open universities provide facilities for those people who are unable to pursue regular studies as they lack ample time for a regular course. They are also helpful for aspiring learners beyond the borders of the country. The Top Open Universities in India offer diploma, certificate courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various streams of higher education. Apart from academic, professional and technical subjects, conventional areas like environment, disaster management, women empowerment and child development, nutrition  and other areas of study that comes under the distance education program. These open universities also execute literary programs for community awareness and training in need based areas.

The Top Open Universities in India are regulated, promoted and coordinated by Distance Education Council of India. They maintain standards of Open and Distance education in India. The council encourages state governments and universities to set up distance education centers for expanding the reach of open universities. Along with assessment and accreditation, arranging funds for these open universities is done by Distance Education Council of India. The Indira Gandhi National Open university (IGNOU) one of the biggest open universities, offers about 338 courses through a well-established network of regional, sub regional and study centers all over the country thus providing great support services and easy access for the learners.

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