Top Agricultural Universities in India

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of India. Almost 75% of people depend on this to provide food to the nation, but struggle to achieve proper education. This problem as overcome to a great extent by the agricultural universities established nationwide. The Top Agricultural Universities in India furnishes ample scope for those who wish to make a career in the field of agriculture. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), acts as the main regulator of agricultural education. About sixty five universities are recognized by ICAR as Agricultural Universities, though a number of Indian universities offer agricultural education. Many of the agricultural universities are members of a registered society-Indian Agricultural Universities Association.

The TopAgricultural Universities in Indiacan be broadly classified as state agricultural universities, central agricultural universities and deemed universities which offer certificate courses, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. The agricultural universities are characterized by teaching, research and sharing of agricultural information to the agriculturists   under their territorial jurisdiction.  There are many private agricultural universities offering assistance and guidance in organic farming to farmers around the country. Farmers are provided with information and guidance on innovative and scientific techniques in methods of farming.    Proper training is provided to impart knowledge about various agricultural products so that sound development can be achieved in the research field.

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