Top Private Universities in India

In India the higher education system includes both private and public universities. World class amenities are provided to students by a good number of private universities along with a conducive environment that encourages learning. Various bodies and societies are involved in supporting private universities. Top Private Universities in India are regulated under University Grants Commission (UGC) and this recognition is required for the university to function. As the students passing out from private universities have to face a whole lot of competition, world class standards and discipline is followed by the universities. Because of all these facts, India is now in a position to compete with the world in imparting quality education.

According to a list published by UGC about 112 private universities are functioning in India. Top Private Universities in Indiaoffers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in various fields. Major criteria for admission to the undergraduate programs is the plus two marks. About eighteen states of India have at least one private university with and Rajasthan tops the list with twenty five private universities. A tight competition is evident among private universities in a bid to upgrade education standards and also to enhance the skills of the students in their respective fields. A large of corporates in India have established Top Private Universities in India which are well equipped with all the latest state –of – the – art facilities.

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