Universities in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a state in the western part of India has a very significant role to play in the development of modern education in India, Maharashtra’s has one Central University, twenty-one Deemed Universities and nineteen State Universities in Maharashtra to boast of.

There are as many as 19 State Universities in Maharashtra that cater to a variety of courses in differed disciplines of study. Some of them include:

  • The four State Universities in Maharashtra that are dedicated to the study of Agriculture and its related subjects.
  • Besides Agriculture, veterinary science and fisheries is also encouraged and one of the Universities in Maharashtra is solely for the study of these two subjects.
  • Another of the Universities in Maharashtra is open only to women who can enrol in it. Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered to women in a number of subjects and areas of study.
  • A State university of Sanskrit has been set up the view to encourage the study of the ancient Indian language.
  • One of the biggest Universities in Maharashtra is that of medicine and health care which has more than 30 medical colleges, nursing colleges and other para medical colleges affiliated to it.
  • A University in Maharashtra is dedicated to the engineering and technology studies.
  • A State Open university in Maharashtra functions for the benefit of the students in rural areas.

Deemed Universities in Maharashtra

There are more than 20 deemed Universities in Maharashtra and they offer various courses which include defence studies and Populations Studies.

There is only one Central University in Maharashtra which caters to the study of Hindi, the national language of the country. It is located in Wardha, Maharashtra.

An autonomous Private University is situated in Pune, is affiliated to the State Government as well the California University, USA.

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