Universities in Kochi

Kochi is one of the latest cities in India to join the long list of cities that have become the IT hub of the country, with Bangalore leading the list. It is the commercial capital of the State of Kerala. Kerala being one of the states with the high literacy rate in the country, Kochi as the major city in Kerala is also substantially one of the most significant educational hubs of the state that contributes to the literacy rate.

Three are three major State Universities in Kochi. They are:

  • The University for Science and technology is a University dedicated to the study of Science, Technology and Engineering. It has two campuses in Kochi itself. Courses include undergraduate to the postgraduate and doctorial levels. The University is made up of nine faculties that include Science, Technology, Engineering, Law and Environmental Studies, Marine Studies, Humanities including Social Sciences and Medical Sciences. The university also conducts research and has some highly advanced research facilities.
  • Institute for fisheries, nautical and engineering encourages the study of fisheries and related disciplines. It is the first University of its kinds in India established for the study of disciplines like fish culture, artificial breeding of fish and aquaculture. The university offers under graduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral programmes in all these disciplines.
  • University for advance legal education provides a variety of courses that include the Undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in law and related legal studies.
  • One of the State University is dedicated to the study of Sanskrit. There are 9 regional centres of the university through which education in Sanskrit is imparted.
  • One of the Open Universities in India has its Regional Centre in Kochi which is considered to be the largest university in terms of its enrolment of students.

Apart from these Universities in Kochi, there are many research centers exclusively dedicated to the subject of the research. They include the:

  • Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
  • Central Institute of Fisheries Technology
  • Indian Institute of Spices Research

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