Universities in Jammu And Kashmir

A Himalayan state located in the northern tip of India, the most parts of the state of Jammu and Kashmir lies in the Himalayan Mountains. In spite of its geographical challenges, education has not been compromised with and hence a large number of Universities in Jammu & Kashmir exist with many colleges affiliated to them. There are 6 State Universities in Jammu & Kashmir, one Deemed University and two Central Universities under which most of the colleges in Jammu and Kashmir function.

The National Institute of Technology is an autonomous Institution of National Importance is situated in Jammu & Kashmir.

Among the 6 state Universities in Jammu & Kashmir, three are General Universities that offer courses in Arts Science and Commerce. Some of the other courses offered include management, finance, education and linguistics. These three general Universities in Jammu & Kashmir also offer courses in Fine Arts and Oriental Learning and subjects related to Geography, History and Music.

Must read Universities in Jammu & Kashmir

There are two Universities in Jammu & Kashmir for technology and engineering and also have a number of polytechnics under them. Both the Universities in Jammu & Kashmir offer undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma degrees. They also facilitate a number of research programs in various subjects.

There is a state university dedicated to the study of agriculture and related areas of study.

There are two central Universities in Jammu & Kashmir that have be established as part of the program of setting up Central Universities in India. Law programs are also offered to the students in these two Universities in Jammu & Kashmir.

The deemed Universities in Jammu & Kashmir has been given to the Institute of Medicine and Healthy Sciences where there are courses for other related areas of study in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and other para-medical courses, for undergraduate, postgraduate level and Research Programs.

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