Universities in Patna

Home of Some Oldest Universities in Patna

Patna is the home of some oldest universities and many students from other states as well as from the rural areas come to avail the facilities offered by the Universities in Patna. The presence of some very prominent Universities in Patna as well as other educational institutions and Medical colleges makes Patna an attractive place for planning one’s career. Being the capital city of Bihar, Patna is the center of education and the two most attractive career options, Civil service and Public administration are the most popular choices. Majority of colleges in the state are affiliated to the University of Patna. The young candidates are able to pursue quality education, both in undergraduate as well as post graduate levels in different streams through the Universities in Patna.

Higher education through the Universities in Patna

The different departments in the Universities in Patna offer various disciplines which is also made accessible to the students through the various colleges affiliated to the Universities. Many courses like Law, Science, arts as well as Commerce, Engineering and Medicine also are offered through the departments of the Universities in Patna. Quality education not only in the graduate as well as post graduate levels is offered with all facilities available through the Universities in Patna. Legal education of the highest quality is offered through the Universities in Patna. Distance education also is provided through the Universities in Patna. Arts and crafts colleges that are affiliated to the Universities in Patna offer advanced training in visual arts also.

Well aware that quality legal education was necessary to raise the legal standards as well as to bring more legal awareness; a law university was established by the Government. Wide range of modern facilities is provided in the Universities in Patna and the law university organizes fairs, workshops as well as guidance classes.

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