Universities in Karnataka

Karnataka is a state in the South of India and was reorganized from the state of Mysore. The Universities in Karnataka can be categorized as follows:

Central Universities of Karnataka

The Central University in Karnataka is the one that has been established by the Centre as per the new program of establishing a Central University in every state of the country. Besides, there are many Institutes of National Importance for higher education, like undergraduate, postgraduate and research problems. Some of them include:

  • The National Institute of Technology
  • The Indian Institute of Technology
  • The Indian Institute of Science
  • The Indian Institute of Management

State Universities of Karnataka

  • Most of the Universities in Karnataka under the state are affiliating universities which mean they have a number of various colleges affiliated to them, which function under the various Universities in Karnataka.
  • Apart from the General Colleges like the Arts and Science colleges and the Colleges of Commerce, there are many medical, architectural, engineering and technology colleges under the State Universities in Karnataka.
  • All the engineering colleges in Karnataka are affiliated to the State University of Technology and the colleges that conduct courses in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and para-medical courses are affiliated to The State University of Medicine And Health Sciences.
  • There is a Veterinary college also under some State Universities in Karnataka.
  • There are two Universities in Karnataka that conduct courses related to agriculture.
  • There are two law Universities in Karnataka under which a number of law colleges function and to which all the law colleges are affiliated.
  • There are about four agricultural Universities in Karnataka with a large number of colleges that offer courses in agriculture and related areas of study.
  • One of the Universities in Karnataka is dedicated to women’s education and enrolment in the university is granted to women only.
  • Besides these states and central universities there are some private and deemed universities in Karnataka that conduct courses in many disciplines and areas of study.

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