Universities in Haryana

A state in the north of India which was bifurcated from Punjab and formed because of its diversity of language. Haryana is known for its high literacy rate and even women of Haryana are literate.

State Universities in Haryana

One of the educational hubs of Haryana is Rohtak where there are a number of colleges, number up to 22 besides four colleges for engineering and two Polytechnics. There are universities located in Rohatak which include

  • A University of Medicine and health sciences with a number of courses ranging from medicine in various disciplines of nursing, pharmacy and many para-medical courses.
  • A University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences offering diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Three technical universities in Haryana which are under the state and are dedicated to the study or engineering and technology.
  • Apart from these technical universities there are many management and para-medical colleges function under the aegis of the State universities in Haryana.
  • There are many General Colleges that offer courses in Arts, Science and Commerce beside others like library sciences and management courses.
  • Universities for law, Agriculture, Defence, and for women alone are made located in Haryana.

Deemed Universities in Haryana

There are many deemed universities in Haryana that offer a number of courses. One of the significant deemed university in Haryana is the National Brain Research Centre, which is an autonomous institute and is funded by the Biotechnology department of the Government of India. One of the deemed universities in Haryana include Dairy farming in which Research opportunities are also provided.

There is a Central University in Haryana that has been set up for General studies. Some of the special areas of study in this Central University is the environmental studies, linguistics and space related subjects.

Apart from these universities and the colleges functioning under them there are the institutes of national importance like he National Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of management.

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