Universities in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is one of the states that has been lately formed but is developing at a very high speed. Located in Central India it is in focus for it development in the educational sector with an education index 0.526 which is at a higher rank than some of the other states of India which have been formed earlier.

Chhattisgarh has been fortunate to be given some of the premier institutions like the AIIMS, IIT and the NIT in Madhya Pradesh the state from which it was bifurcated and formed. Besides, there are universities under the state, central and private universities that include:

Must Read Universities in Chhattisgarh
  • A law University maintained by the University Grants Commission and imparts education in the legal studies leading to the LLB, LLM and the Ph.D. degrees. It is funded by the Center.
  • A Central University in Chhattisgarh offers education in disciplines like, management, journalism and education besides Arts and Science subjects. It also offers programs to students interested in continuing education after a long break and also Adult education.
  • An Open University contributes to the spreading of education into the rural areas of the state thereby enhancing the literacy rate in a big way. Besides, Arts. Social Science and Education, the Open University conducts courses in Computer Science, Technology and Yoga which also include Vasstu Shastra and Astrology.
  • One of the Universities in Chhattisgarh is dedicated to the study of agriculture and related areas. It includes Veterinary Science, Horticulture, Dairy Farming and they also provide research facilities to students.
  • Another of the Universities in Chhattisgarh is one that is dedicated to the study of music and performing arts. The university conducts courses in Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Folk Art.
  • A university dedicated to the study of Journalism and Mass communication is one of the Universities in Chhattisgarh and is under the state Government. Courses connected to the visual, print and electronic media are conducted besides which there are courses like Advertising, Mass Communication, Public Relations and Management

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