Universities in Kolkata

Some of the oldest and the most reputed Universities in India are located in Kolkata. Besides Universities in Kolkata there are a number of very advanced research centres that provide research and academic facilities.

The city has its own university which is a State University of Calcutta. With 14 campuses spread across the city, the University of Calcutta is the one of the oldest Universities in India with a large number of disciplines being taught under various courses.

A State University of Calcutta which was born out of the one of oldest colleges of repute, is now situated in the city.

Must Read Universities in Calcutta

The Institute of Engineering Science and Technology was an engineering college under Calcutta University, but is now an Institute of National Importance. Undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs are conducted here. Architecture and Management are also part of the disciplines in which various courses can be undertaken. Other Institute of National Importance include The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Statistical Institute.

One of the well-known autonomous State Universities in Kolkata for research in Science and technology is located in the southern part of the city. Besides two campuses in the city, it also has a number of General Colleges, Management and Commerce Colleges in the city affiliating with it.

One of the Universities in Kolkata situated in the City is dedicated to the various Art forms, which induce Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Visual Arts.

An Open University in urban Kolkata expends its educational facilities to rural regions of the city and the state. Besides General courses, it also offers Library Science, Computer Education, Management and many other areas of study.

A State University in Kolkata, is open to Islamic study, besides Humanities, Science Engineering and also includes Finance and Management.

One of the Universities in Kolkata is dedicated to the study of animal and fisheries and is located in Kolkata.

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