Universities in Kerala

Kerala lies on the southern tip on the South West region of India. Kerala is the first state to be declared completely literate and maintains a high level of education. There are many Universities in Kerala of which there are:

Central Universities in Kerala

  • There are three Central Universities in Kerala. One is established by the Government of India. It offers a range of subjects for study from Arts, Science, including Computer Science, and Commerce, linguistics and Environment.
  • The Aligarh Muslim University has its presence in Kerala as an off-campus institution
  • A Central University for Linguistics as an off-campus institution too has its presence in Kerala offering courses in English and foreign languages.

State Universities in Kerala

There are 12 state Universities in Kerala and each of the state universities in Kerala is dedicated to a particular area of study by which the university is known. Besides the general Universities in Kerala the others include:

  • A Multi disciplinary university for the study of Science and Technology is well known. Apart from the technology and engineering courses, they also have marine engineering and other related courses.
  • The Agricultural University include fisheries and forestry as part of the various courses conducted in the university .They have a Climate Change Research centre attached to the university.
  • One of the State Universities in Kerala for Fisheries and Ocean Studies is also present and conducts a numbered courses in the subjects.
  • The University for Health Sciences in Kerala has more than 200 medical and para-medical colleges affiliated to it.
  • The State University for veterinary and Animal Sciences also conducts a number of courses in the related subjects
  • A university for advanced legal studies is situated in Kerala and have a number of law colleges affiliated to it.
  • Two State Universities in Kerala are dedicate to the study of languages. One for Malayalam and the other for Sanskrit.

Deemed Universities in Kerala

The two Deemed Universities in Kerala. One of them is the University for performing arts, music and related subject while the other is for Space technology.

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