Universities in Punjab

Punjab a state situated in the North of India is one of the more prosperous states in the country agriculturally and educationally. The educational facilities in Punjab is made up of more than 35 Universities in Punjab with hundreds of colleges affiliated with them.

There is just one Central University in Punjab offering general courses of study and the vernal disciplines. Two major disciplines of study in the University are “Global Relations” and “Genetic Diseases”.

There are many State Universities in Punjab and one of the most significant ones is the Agricultural University in Punjab, which is one of the pioneers in the world in the sphere of agriculture. The university was responsible for the “Green Revolution” in Punjab.

A State University for Ayurveda is situated in Punjab

A Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Punjab offers various courses in Veterinary Science and related courses.

Three are two State Technical Universities in Punjab that offers various engineering and technology based courses.

A State university dedicated to the study for law is functional in Punjab which is approved by The Bar Council and affiliated with the UGC.

A State University of Health Sciences is situated in Punjab and has a number of medical colleges, dental colleges, nursing and pharmacy besides para-medical colleges affiliated with it.

There are many General Universities in Punjab that have a large number of colleges affiliating it and functional in various districts in Punjab.

The Deemed Universities in Punjab

There are two Deemed Universities in Punjab, for Engineering and Technology courses. Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Post-graduate programs are conducted in the technology based course.

Private Universities in Punjab

There are many Private Universities in Punjab offering courses in different disciplines. Notable among them is the World University for Sikh Studies and the Sri Guru Grant Sahib Studies.

One of the most prestigious Private Universities in Punjab is also the largest private university with regard to the number of students in a single campus.

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