Universities in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a district in the State of Punjab. It is known for many industries. The district is home to some reputed Universities in Ludhiana and one of them is the Agricultural University which is the largest in Asia. Three are no Central or Deemed Universities in Ludhiana, however the presence of the two State Universities in Ludhiana more than makes up for it.

State Universities in Ludhiana

The Agricultural University located in Ludhiana is one of the largest in Asia. The university has 5 constituent colleges functioning under it and all the five together offer five bachelor's degrees, 51 postgraduate courses and 42 doctoral programs. There are about 50 departments that offer a large number of disciplines of study. The Agricultural University also offers the five-year integrated programs in various streams of agriculture and related studies. The Agricultural University was responsible for the “Green Revolution” during the decades of the 60s and the 70s. This was a great milestone in the history of agriculture in India.

Carved out of this Agricultural University is the University for Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Earlier it was part of the various department of study in the Agricultural University but later on in 2005, it was bifurcated and a special State university was formed for the study of various related subject in the field of Veterinary science. All the streams of study related to livestock, animal husbandry, health care of animals and breeding including nutrition is extended to students here.

Almost all the colleges in Ludhiana are affiliated to one of the many Universities located in the state. There is a law school situated in Ludhiana which is affiliated to the Law University in the state.

Today modern Ludhiana is catering to the demands of the new generation work force and is offering a number of IT courses via the various colleges and institutions in Ludhiana.

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