Drawing Painting Courses in India

Drawing and Painting courses and career options

The primeval communicating system has end number of opportunities in the contemporary society. The arts convey the vision of the ideas. They remain as a hobby for many, but few admirers choose them as a profession. Drawing plays major role in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering.

Drawing and Painting don’t stick up with the conventional paintings on canvas, but are expanded in different styles like painting on pottery, on glass, on fabric, etc. The advancements in the technology have touched even these streams and have improved in technological aspects like Animation and 3D paintings.

Courses offered in drawing and painting and eligibility

  • Certificate courses: Passing in 10th or equivalent
  • Diploma course: Passing in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA): passing in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (B. A.): Passing in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Masters in Fine Arts (MFA): passing in BFA or equivalent
  • Masters of Fine Arts (M.A.): passing in B.A. In Fine Arts or equivalent
  • Ph.D. in Fine Arts: a master’s degree in Fine Arts

Few of the courses include an entrance test for the admission. The courses are available in regular, part time and distance modes by few institutes. Some of the architecture and engineering students choose the certificate or diploma programs to enrich the drawing skills which are rather important for the stream of their studies. The courses often get modified with the latest techniques to meet the latest trends.

Career options and pay package for Drawing and Painting Courses

Teaching, print media, advertising, textile designing, graphic designing, film and television are a few of the fields in which the drawing and painting artists find openings.

Teaching: Teacher, Instructor, lecturer and professor or the major job roles. The openings are found in government schools and colleges, private schools and colleges, institutes, and Universities. For lectureship one must get eligible in UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) which also provides a chance to get a fellowship grant. The salary for a fresh private teacher starts fromRs.5000/- and above and for a fresh government teacher, the salary starts from Rs.9000/-and above.

Print media: comic artist, comic book artist, design director are a few of the job roles. The openings are found in newspapers, magazines and book publishing houses. Most talented are permanently recruited. The salary ranges from Rs.10,000/- above for the permanent recruiters.

Film and television industry: Art director, creative director, Animation programmer, graphic designer are a few of the job roles in the industries related to the drawing and painting. Even advertising companies also provide the same kind of job roles. Expertise in contemporary forms is most needed besides the academic qualification. The minimum amount of Rs.5000/- is assured for a hard worker. The maximum earnings of skilled may reach six digits per month.

Textile designing: Textile designing is the alternative choice of the talented which has the best potential of opportunities. The payment as well as growth in the career is attractive.

Crime investigation: Many detective companies and other crime investigating departments choose the qualified artists to support them portraying the rough sketches of suspicious people with the help of the descriptions of eyewitnesses.

Self employment: Tattoo designing, glass painting, pot painting, the conventional canvas painting are few of the usual self employing areas. Many artists either prefer to be freelancers to work for clients or initiate an own business like tattoo parlor, e-business etc. The artists often conduct art exhibitions or galleries to make a feast for eyes of aficionada besides selling the art pieces.

Thus, drawing and painting courses offer a great potential Career Options to choose.

Doctorate Drawing Painting Courses in India

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