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German language is native to the people of many countries in Europe. It is recognized as official language in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. The German is also spoken by the minority of the people in Hungary, Poland, Italy, Slovenia and Namibia. The language has around 225 million speakers including native and non-native speakers.

The language has high contributions in scientific research and development besides standing as one of the popular languages in business. The language is ranked second as ‘the most used content language’ in the internet. Even in book publication German language has high level participation that one in every ten books of the world is published in this language.

Courses and the eligibility criteria for German Courses

Though the nomenclature of the courses varied from institute to instate, the aim of the courses remains same. Few institute offer level wise courses and few other as long term and short term courses.

  • B.A. (German Language Course) of three years with the eligibility of passing in 10+2 or equivalent
  • M.A. (German) of two years with the eligibility of graduation in the language or equivalent
  • Ph.D. (German Study) of two years with the eligibility of a master degree in the language and the required score in the conducted entrance test.
  • Two year full time course in German with the eligibility of passing in 10+2 and in the English Aptitude Test conducted by the institute
  • Diploma in German language
  • Certificate in German language
  • Diploma in German language

The basic courses help the non-native speakers to understand and speak the basic sentences of the language and awareness of German culture. The higher courses point on speaking and writing skills of the German language. Ability to converse and confidence of visiting and living in the countries where German language is spoken are the other specifications of the courses.

Career prospect in German language Courses

Educational organizations and institutes, BPO companies, tourism organizations and companies, importing and exporting companies are few of the fields that offer the employment options.

Learning the language is a good option for the business men so that they could establish or expand their business in the German speaking countries or places. Many companies need the language experts to deal with the customers or clients of the language.

The knowledge in the language enables one to choose any of the following occupations:

  • Instructor
  • teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Interpreter
  • Guide
  • Translator
  • Customer Relation Executive
  • Import and Export businessman
  • Researcher

Diploma courses are sufficient for the jobs like Customer Relation Executive or the business men. The other job roles like instructor or teacher deserve a degree or higher academic qualifications.

Lectureship needs a Master degree in the language along with passing score in the National Eligibility Test, which also provide a chance of Junior Research Fellowship. The Ph.D. in the language is the criteria for being a professor of the language.

Pay point / Salary for German language Courses

When the point of pay raises, the one who choose the stream never needs to regret as the payment in all the fields related to the language is handsome. The minimum expected pay is Rs.60,000/- per annum. Few of the occupations get nearly ten lakhs per annum.

German language is foreign language that provides prospective career option that attracts many of the aspirants to choose it.

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