Psephology Courses in India

Psephology is the term given to the study that analyzes the election in scientific ways. The stream comes under political science. Etymologically the word Psephology came from Greek word psephos which means ‘pebble’. Pebbles were used as voting equipment or ballots in olden days and thus the word derived. It is coined by R.B. Mc Callum of United Kingdom in 1952. The people who take psephology as profession are called Psephologists.

What do psephologists do?

Psephologists study the patterns of elections, procedures and deviations. They use the past voting records like past figures of votes and their percentage, public opinion polls and other related information. Using the statistical applications, the psephologists estimate the results of the public opinion for the future purpose. The stream has several types of applications to analyze the results.

The assumptions of these psephologists have high influence on the voters and the political parties. Thus, the psephologists must be unbiased and should not apply personal feelings in their analysis. Most of the times, with a little variations, the predictions go right and so many give major importance to these surveys.

Psephology Courses

To become a psephologist one must have Master’s degree in either Political Science or Statistics. The higher qualifications like M.Phil. and Ph.D. in the stream enhance the better opportunities. Along with the academic qualification, critical thinking, analyzing skills and computation skills are rather important.

Career Prospect for Psephology Courses

Till date, no adequate training was given to any psephologist but was self training by opting own methodologies. The major opportunities are found in mass media like News Channels and News Papers. With less number of opportunities, the job is found very precarious. If the estimations go wrong with a large variation, the continuation in the field is really difficult. Thus, only few who are very confident upon their approaches choose the field. It is the reason most of the statisticians and political science scientists prefer the job role as a part time career option.

Yet, the succeeded psephologists are paid high and have multiple chances as one of the following:

  • Columnist
  • Freelance writer
  • Advisor
  • Market researcher

Most of the times, many political party heads approach the reputed psephologists to have them as their advisors. The Mass media utilizes the services of the succeeded psephologist by providing ample work opportunities throughout the year in the duration of non election period.

Even there are chances for the Psephologist to enter the Parliament as a Member of Parliament.

The pay ranges in six digits to the psephologists and the achievers are always highly paid.

Thus, the talented aspirants choose the distinctive stream and enjoy the benefits.

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