Japanese Courses in India

Being the national language to the developed country Japan, Japanese is spoken by around 150 million people around the world. The language is spoken by the minority of the people in Palau and by the migrated who settled in different areas around the world.

Courses offered and their eligibility criteria for Japanese language

There are several programs offered in the course. They are-

Certificate course in Japanese language - The eligibility requirement for the admission is passing senior secondary school certificate examination.

Diploma in Japanese Language - The eligibility requirements are Certificate or an equivalent and passing in admission test for few colleges.

Diploma in Business Japanese - The eligibility is the Diploma in Japanese Language or equivalent.

Diploma in Conversational Japanese - The eligibility is the Diploma in Japanese Language or equivalent

Advanced diploma in Japanese language - The course requires Diploma or equivalent in the language and passing in admission test for the admission.

B.A. in Japanese - Passing in 10 +2 is the eligibility for the 3 years course.

M.A. in Japanese - A graduation in the language or equivalent is the eligibility for the two years course.

M.Phil. in Japanese - Post graduation in the language and the score in the entrance test are considered for the admission to the two years course.

Ph.D. in Japanese - Post graduation in the language and the score in the entrance test are considered for the admission to the doctoral program.

These courses are available by several universities, colleges and institutes in regular, distance and part time modes. The one who wish to study in Japan must clear the Final Level (N1) of Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Several schools also offer Japanese as second language.

Career prospect in Japanese language Courses

Teaching, translation and customer servicing are the few of the fields that offer opportunities in the language.

Teaching: For being instructor or teacher of the language, one need to have at least Diploma in the language and Advanced Diploma is preferable. Many institutions or organizations are offering the course, teaching the language is the most preferred by many. Few online websites are also offering the language courses and recruit the experts as instructors or content developers of the language.

Clearing National Eligibility Test (NET) enables one for the lectureship.

Translation: This is one of the most chosen areas by the aspirants as career option. There are several opportunities for Japanese to English or Hindi translations and vice-versa. In fact the demand is more than the eligible candidates. Thus, the experts never need search for the opportunity. Diploma or Advanced Diploma is the required qualification. Many servicing companies recruit the language experts for translating books, magazines or newspapers. Apart from them visa, recommendation letters, passports, medical records, financial records, academic transcripts etc are also get translated. Several opportunities are also found in online servicing companies. These jobs can also be chosen as part time.

Customer Services: Few BPO companies are offering opportunities for the Japanese language experts. These servicing companies offer voice based or non voice based job roles to these experts.

Pay / Salary for Japanese language Courses

The minimum pay range starts from Rs. 5000/- per month. The higher qualification, experience and expertise bring better opportunities and higher pay.

The language offer handsome opportunities to the enthusiasts and is getting more popular day by day.

Postgraduate (PG) Japanese Courses in India

Certification Japanese Courses in India

Diploma Japanese Courses in India

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