Pitr-Paksha ends Festival 2024

What is Pitr paksha Ends?

Pitr-paksha is also known as Shraddh by people, where they are offering many rituals and customs to their dead parents and ancestors. It always begins in the month of September and goes for the period of 15 days and then ends after that period. Pitr-Paksha is performed during Krishna paksha where it begins in the poornima.

History of Pitra-Paksha

History behind this is related to Karn who has made lots of donations in his lifetime to all needy people. When he died and went to paradise, he gets all the things back what he has made in charity but he did not get food because he has given food in charity. He strived for many days, one day when he met Yamraj, he has been given a chance to go back to earth and made lots of food charity and return back to paradise after 14 days .So this period is considered the best one for donate food to poor and needy people

How Pitr-Paksha comes to an end

The last day of Pitr-Paksha is considered the most important day in this period. This is the special occasion in which some rites are offered to next 3 preceding generation to keep their soul indebted for many years.

Shraddh is performed by the eldest son or eldest male in the family. On this great day food is offered to cow and crows. It is believed that on this period of 15 days all our ancestors come down. On this great day that is performing all rites and rituals have to wear a dhoti to carry on his customs. On the last day of sharaddh people used to end this day by taking dip in the water which will signify that all his bad deeds are washed away. On this great day some people used to offer food to Brahmins which they consider very nice things according to them. Some people used to go to holy places like Haridwar and Varanasi to carry out their rites and rituals. During this period people are not allowed to do any good things for the entire period nor buy any clothes.

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