Kartik Poornima Festival 2024

What is Kartik Poornima?

Kartik Poornima is always celebrated in the month of November and December on the full moon day. Kartik poornima is also known by the name of Ganga Snan and Tripuri Poornima. On this great day Lord Mahadev has killed the demon named Tripuri. On this great day people used to take bath in the river Ganga and donate lamps on this special day. This day is considered the most auspicious one as this day is related to lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva along with Lord Brahma along with lord Sun.

People on this great day involved themselves in Charity and donation, where they will get the best results.

History and Celebration of Kartik Poornima

History of Kartik Poornima

The legend related to this Kartik Poornima is related to Lord Vishnu who begins to sleep in the month of Kartik. This month also starts when the sun enters into the Zodiac sign.

Importance of Kartik poornima

  • People on this special day perform pooja along with some religious practices.
  • People also do fasting on this special day.
  • Charity on this special day is equal to hundred Ashvamedh Yagya.
  • Charity and donation will help to attain salvation.
  • Kartik month is related to seasonal change.

Celebration of Kartik Poornima

This day is also considered the most religious and important day of jains as they carries out their yatra to foot hills. This day is also celebrated in Gujarat along with other parts of the India. On this great day more lamps are floated down the Ganges River. This day is considered the best one to perform Tulsi Vivah ceremony. This day is also dedicated to dead ancestors along with pitrs. Shiva temples are also crowded on this special day where everybody is engaged there by singing bhajans and prayers.

Dev deepawali is also celebrated after 15 days of diwali, where everyone is engaged themselves in decorating the river banks with diyas which are lit to welcome the gods. Ganga aarti is considered the important event of evening. This festival is celebrated by the people of different religion.

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