Pitr Paksha begins Festival 2024

What is Pitr Paksha Begins?

Pitr-Paksha is also known by the name Shraaddh Paksha, which is dedicated to dead forefathers along with ancestors. During this period of Pitr-Paksha Hindu used to pay homage to their ancestors by offering some food along with. The period of Pitr-Paksha is usually around fifteen days and people perform various customs and rituals to keep the soul of their ancestors indebted for many years.

How Pitr-paksha begins, what is the History and Main Significance

Beginning of Pitra-Paksha

Pitra-Paksha begins on the first day of the Ashwin month and goes till the full new moon day which is called as Amavasya day. This day is celebrated for the ancestor’s up to three preceding generations. On this special day people used to satisfy the soul of the relatives who have dead and would have a belief that they are living with us.

They also had a belief that on this day the lords of death Yam allow their relatives to come down to earth and receive their offerings from the descendants.

History of Pitra-Paksha

History behind this is related to Karn who has made lots of donations in his lifetime to all needy people. When he died and went to paradise, he gets all the things back what he has made in charity but he did not get food because he has given food in charity. He strived for many days, one day when he met Yamraj, he has been given a chance to go back to earth and made lots of food charity and return back to paradise after 14 days .So this period is considered the best one for donate food to poor and needy people.

Main significance of Pitra-Paksha

This period has a main significance as on these 15 days

  • People are not allowed to go for any auspicious works like marriages and birth ceremony.
  • They are also not allowed to buy new clothes
  • The day on which they have carried their rituals are allowed to cut off their hair
  • Women are also not allowed to wash their hair on the particular day
  • After when Pitr-Paksha comes to an end then they start up their auspicious work

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