Makarsankranti Festival 2024

What is Makarsankranti?

Makarsankranti is the festival of Hindu religion which is celebrated every year in the month of January. This day is especially dedicated to Lord Surya, and this day is celebrated as the arrival of spring season. On this special day Lord Surya is worshipped and bathing events are taking place in the major Ghats of river. People used to believe that taking dip on this holy day helps to clean your sins and lead to salvation known as Moksha.

This day is also known as Uttarayana Punyakalam. After Makarsankranti you can celebrate all your auspicious activities. By the term Makar we mean Capricorn and sankranti means entering into the zodiac sign.

History of Makarsankranti

This day is celebrated when the sun the Capricorn (the zodiac sign). It is moving from south towards north or we can say that sun is moving from tropic of cancer to the tropic of Capricorn. This day is also considered the start up day of the crop season. After Makarsankranti days become longer and warmer. This day always falls on 14 January and is celebrated by every part of the world.

How to celebrate Makarsankranti

Makarsankranti is celebrated by everyone as it states the end of the winter season by the arrival of Sun to the northern hemisphere. This festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm as people start the day by dipping into the water and offers their special prayers to the sun. On this special day people enjoy the kite flying and along that they used to prepare khichadi on this day. In north this festival is important as it marks the beginning of crop season. This festival is celebrated by everyone but having different names attached to it.

In Bihar and Orissa people used to celebrate this festival as the beginning of the harvest season. In Maharashtra people used to exchange their greeting and made ladoo on this special day. Gujrati enjoys the kites flying and offers chikki to the lord Surya. In tamilnadu this festival is celebrated as pongal as they do the prayers towards sun. In Punjab people used to celebrate this festival as Lohri as it is sign of the bringing happiness to all people.

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