Bhai Dooj / Bhai Phota / Bhav-Bij Festival 2024

What is Bhai Dhooj?

Bhai Dhooj is the famous Hindu festival which is celebrated just after Diwali. On this great day sisters used to pray for their brothers to live happy and long life by performing the famous ceremony known as Teeka and in return brothers used to give gift to their sisters.

History and Celebration of Bhai Dhooj festival

History of Bhai Dhooj festival

In the term Bhai dhooj, the term dhooj is related to the day after the new moon. The legend related to this festival is that on this great day the Yamraj known as lord of death went to his sister and she welcomed him by putting the mark which is known as auspicious on his forehead for his welfare.

The next legend related to this festival is with Lord Krishna who visits his sister known as Subhadra after killing the demon Nakarasur. On this day when Lord Krishna sister saw her brother in her house, so she immediately welcomes him with lighted thali along with diyas and then put a tilak on his forehead for her protection.

Celebration of Bhai dhooj festival

On this great festival all sisters used to invite their brothers for a meal including dinner with many dishes. The importance of this festival is related on brother’s side to protect their sister and also to sister who shower his blessing to their lovely brother. On this day sister used to prepare the thali in which she used to place all the necessary things like red tikka along with sweets, she then carry out this ceremony by performing the aarti for their brother and applies a red tikka on his forehead. This red tikka signifies the sister prayers which is conducted in sincerely manner for the happy and long life for her brother. In return brother used to offer sweets to his beloved sister along with giving her gift.

The sister whose brother is not available with her, used to send the prayers for happy and long life of her brother through moon by performing the aarti in front of moon. That’s why moon is called as Chandamama.

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