Hindi New Year Festival 2024

What is Hindi New Year?

Hindi New Year is the day which marks the beginning of the golden age celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. The celebration of New Year will be indicated through lunar and solar calendar. It is believed that Hindi New Year will going to start in 2012 which is also known as Golden Age, and will bring good luck for all. The legend behind this concept is that from Kali Yuga golden age or period will start.

History of Hindi New Year

The History of Hindi New Year is related to 57 BC. It is also related to the story of the king Vikram aditya. The story says sister of Jain monk was kidnapped by the Gardibhilla and in order to protect her he defeated Gardibhilla who went to forest after. There he was killed by the tiger, and his son vikram aditya was brought up in forest itself. Then after many years he defeated Sakas. Therefore this event led to the beginning of the Hindi New Year which is also known by the name Vikram Samvat.

How Hindi New Year is celebrated

This festival is celebrated by every state but on different dates. Punjabis used to celebrate this day on 13 April which is known as Baisakhi. Assammese used to celebrate this festival on same month but on 14 and 15 date. Even the other state used to celebrate this festival on 14 and 15 April. People used to celebrate this festival with full enthusisiam where they are indulge in every kind of activity related to litting oil lamps in front of their houses. Flowers are made and rangoli is used to put with different colors. People used to wear new clothes. On this great day lord ganesha and lordess laxmi ji is worshipped, and people also exchange sweets along with gifts.

On this special day people used to give importance to plouging which is considered the best part in Hindi New Year. On doing this soil is easily churned up which in turn is helpful in growing many crops which is the basic needs of the human today.

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