Mahalaya Festival 2024

What is Mahalaya?

Mahalaya is the kind of occasion which is observed before the commencement of Durga Puja. Durga is also known as the goddess of supreme power. This period is celebrated to invite Goddess mother to come down to earth to descend. Special mantras chanting this period includes Jago Tumhi Jago. It is also considered that day when the Pitr-Paksha ends.

History, Significance and celebration of Mahalaya

History of Mahalaya

Legend behind this festival is that Lord Rama worshipped Devi Durga before going to Lanka to rescue Sita from Ravan. The Durga puja is celebrated at the spring time. It is believed that during this period all the god and goddess wake up from their rest in order to offer prayer to goddess durga. On this great day Devi Durga starts his journey from heaven t o earth. Another legend related to Karn who used to donate every kind of things in donations except food. After his death he was given a chance for the period of 14 days to come down to earth and give as much charity in the form of food, so this period of shraddh is also known as Mahalya period.

Significance of Mahalaya

Mahalaya indicates the beginning of the durga puja festival and it has a great significance on Bengali culture. The celebration of this festival is related to the radio program which was broadcasted in 1930. Bengalis in order to listen the program related to Goddess Durga, in which the whole story is related to her is mentioned, wake up early in the morning. This program is also known as Mahishasura Mardini. Autumn is the period which signifies the full blossom of Mahalya period.

Celebration of Mahalaya

On this special day, Hindu used to worship Durga who was known as the Goddess of supremacy who have come down to earth to descend along with her four children. They used to pay homage and prayers to their ancestors, mainly on the banks of the river which is known by the name Tarpan. They used to offer food, clothes and sweets on this special day.

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