Tamil New Year Festival 2024

What is Tamil New Year?

Tamil New Year falls on every year in the month of April on 14 and 15.Devotess from all over the place gathers at one place to celebrate their new year. This day is the special one because Lord Brahma has started the creation of this world. On the other hand Goddess Meenakshi has married to Lord Sundareshwarar. This is the main occasion of Tamils who exchanges their greeting by wishing each other with great joy and enthusiasm.

History and celebration of Tamil New Year

History of Tamil New Year

Tamil New Year history is related to Rishi Narathar who has developed sexual desire and had joined one deity and had 60 sons. The names of the children are starting from Pirabawa and last one is atchaya. These sixty years are named in the history and give birth to Tamil New year and also on this day Lord Brahma has started the creation of the world. The earth travels round the sun in 360 degree and take one year to complete the full round of the sun. On every Tamil new year, zodiac sign is keep changing.

Celebration of Tamil New Year

When the Tamil New year starts people began to start cleaning their home along with painting and decoration part. In their new year they used to prepare many dishes which are considered special in Tamil New year. On this day special puja are offered in temples. The Tamilians also prepare the special dish known as Maanga Pacchadi which is prepared from raw mangoes and neem flowers.

People also put Rangoli outside their houses which is considered good for them and which brings colors in their life. On this day Tamilians wear new dresses and also exchange gift to their friends and relatives. People also buy some special items like gold and silver on this great day. They share fruits along with vegetables and flowers in temples and their homes. Business man’s also prepared new account book which marks the beginning of their New Year. Government of this state also declared national holiday for this day.

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