Ugadi Festival 2024

What is Ugadi Festival?

Ugadi is the festival for the people of Andra pradesh which they consider the new year day . This festival is also celebrated by the Telgu as well as the Kannada people. On this special day people used to clean their house along with washing part and buying new clothes for this festival. According to them Lord Brahma has began the creation of universe. On this special day people used to decorate their houses with mango leaves and put the rangoli designs near to doorstep. They go to temples for paryers.

History of the Ugadi festival

This day has the special significance as from this day spring season begins. Tress blossoms with new flowers and leaves. This day is also known as Chitra Shudda padyami by the Telgu people as they follow both solar and lunar calender. On Ugadi day telgu people start their new projects and new work.

How to celebrate Ugadi festival

Ugadi festival is celebrated by the people of Maharastra ,Karnatka and Telgu people as this day marks the beginning of the spring season. On this day jasmine flowers are offered to the God in temples along in home. People used to do prayers along with chanting the special mantra for the beginning of the new year. This festival is also known as Gudipadava. People used to prepare many dishes on ugadi festival where the people of Andrapradesh used to prepare pulihora. They also clean their home before beginnning of festival as well as fully decorate their homes with mango leaves.

This festival is celebrate differently by the telgu people as on this day they used to keep the kavi sammelanam. They consider this best time for literary feast. Poets on this special day has come up with new poet based on new trends along with covering the lifestyle part.

Some people carry out the ritual part by going to temples or praying at home before moving for new year. They pray for wealth,prosperity along with health part. This day is consider the best day for starting up the new business or work

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