Karwa Chauth Festival 2024

What is Karwa Chauth?

This is the famous Hindu women festival which is celebrated by married women. On this great day women used to keep fast for the whole day for their husbands. This is famous in the western and northern parts of India. This festival comes before 9 days of Diwali festival.

History and Celebration of Karwa Chauth

History of Karwa Chauth

The history is related to beautiful girl named Veeravati who is the only sister of 7 brothers. She was married to the king and keeps the same fast for her husband. She was waiting for the moon to rise. Her seven brothers was very distress by seeing his sisters. Then they all planned to end her fast, by reflecting the mirror on the Pipal tree leaves. She thought that there is moonrise and then she broke her fast. When she is about to take the dinner, she heard the news that her husband was ill. Then she begged forgiveness from Lordess Parvati, she told him that if she will keep the fast properly then her husband life would revive properly.

The next legend related to Karwa chauth is with the life of Satyavan and savitri. After the death of her husband, Savitri begged the life of her husband from Yamraj but he refused her, on hearing this savitri refused to eat and drink. By looking the devotion part of savitri, Yamraj was forced to grant the life of her husband. After that all the women started keeping the fast of her husband.

Celebration of Karwa Chauth

On this great day women used to get up early in the morning and have some food the form of Sargi which is taken in seven different forms. This fast starts before sunrise and ends by worshipping the moon in night. This is very tough fast as after having sargi in the morning women are not allowed to take any food till night. The famous part of this festival is that the Puja is conducted in the evening and all the women for this festival is nicely dressed and prays for the longevity of the husband’s life. Women breaks their fast after offering water to the moon

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