Sangha Day Festival 2024

How to celebrate Sangha Day

Sangha Day is the important festival of Buddha which is celebrated for the Buddhist spiritual community. On this day all the Monks along with Nuns are gathered to hear Buddha preach. This day is followed by chanting of Monks along with candlelight processions. On this special day everybody presents some gifts along with flower to the monks who were residing in the temples. This day is also called Magha Puja day which is celebrated on the full moon day.

What is the History of Sangha day and what does it’s signify?

History of Sangha day

Sangha day is the day when the Buddha gave his first recitation of Patimokha. This is the term which refers to Spiritual community. This Sangha Day is Buddhist main second festival .After retreat of first rain Lord Buddha went to Rajagaha city where he found around 1250 Arahats Buddha Disciples and then they returned from their wanderings in order to show respect to Buddha. This assembly is called Fourfold assembly because it has four main factors including in that.

Significance of Sangha day

This day is celebrated in the third lunar month in March. This day has its own significance as it refers to spiritual community and signifies a day in which all the Buddha teachings are conducted by Arahats. This day is celebrated as the first gatherings of his ordained community. On this day all the monks including nuns come together and engaged in chanting, teachings and lectures which are provided by the senior ordained community. They were also engaged in candle light processions and also travel to local temples to meditate and perform their all rituals.

Sangha day also educates peoples about the Human rights which are given by some of the members of Buddhist community. This day also helps in preserving the dignity along with reclaiming part and also helps in bringing injustice against many people. This day is celebrated in the month of March or in February and also gives an opportunity to Buddhist followers to meditate on Monastic life along with the life of Buddhist community.

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