Gudi Padwa/ Cheti Chand Festival 2024

What is Gudi Padwa?

Gudi padwa is known as Hindi New Year in Marathi language. This day is celebrated in the month of chaitra which marks the beginning of Hindi New Year. This festival is also known as Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Spring season is started after this festival. On this great day people used to celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and joy where they used to decorate their houses by putting rangoli in front of their houses and people used to wear new clothes.

History of Gudi Padwa

This day refer to the beginning of the spring season where tree blossoms with new leaves along with flowers. This day is considered the best one as on this day Telgu people used to start their new work along with projects as they considered the best time for their work. The legend states that on this day King Bali was killed by lord ram and he returned to Ayodhya after gaining victory over ravan. It is also believed that brahama has created universe which lead to the beginning of the New Year.

How Gudi Padwa is celebrated

On this great day people used to wear new clothes and decorate their houses with leaves as this festival marks the beginning of the New Year. They also prepare special dishes like puran puri along with sweets and soonth Pak. On this day people used to eat neem leaves before the food. They also hung gudis outside their houses which is small kalash also known as silver pot wrap with the silk cloth along with decoration part done with the help of Mari gold flowers, coconut and mango leaves. People used to worship gudis by offering them turmeric, sandal wood paste and vermillion.

This day is considered the best day as people used to buy gold, silver along with property part in this festival and also start up their new work. Boys and Men used to build pyramid of their own and put the kalash on top with coconut inside. They all are trying to break the coconut which is placed along with kalash.

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