Travel And Tourism Courses in India

About the Travel & Tourism Courses

Travel & Tourism Courses are nowadays very popular because this industry is at the expansion mode and many aspirants are considering it their preferred career choice .In these courses the students are being taught and trained about the various concepts and information related to the discipline like travel habits, travel destinations within the country and abroad, hospitality, culture, communications, customer service, ticketing, travel planning ,reservations, hotel booking, corporate communication, branding, interpersonal skills, order taking and processing, transportation management, cash management, accounting, travel cards and many other topics. Due to its diversified nature travel and tourism has always been a preferred choice for the career seeking aspirants. There are various courses available ranging from certifications, diplomas, undergraduate courses and post graduate courses as well. One can do any course as per his interest and requirements and excel in the field. Their total time duration last in the ranges of 1 to 5 years depending on the module and college opted for the studies. After studying all the concepts, principles, theories underlying in the different parts of the domain one becomes a subject matter expert. They can also do some research and developments modules .These courses offer national and international exposure to the aspirants and they can take the maximum benefit out of it.

Eligibility for Travel & Tourism Courses

All the courses in travel and tourism are available with some eligibility criteria. For higher studies courses candidates has to carry the degree at graduation levels in the similar field or related field as specified by the colleges and government departments. Beginner can do the diploma and certificate courses. One also must check and monitor that these courses must be approved and accredited from the relevant government departments and competent associations. By checking with these aspects aspirants can reap the maximum benefit out of it.

Career Options for Travel & Tourism Courses

Travel and tourism offer much diversified career options for the students with many industries, companies and agencies with excellent benefits. One can work with travel planners, tourism consultancies, railways, airlines and many other governments and private organizations. They can start their career with designations like travel counselor, consultants, analyst, in charge, event manager, officers and others. Apart from this many personnel become freelance consultants by starting their own venture. They can open their consultancy and offices. They offer their service to the clients and get the fees and earn good name and fame also. Many aspirants join the teaching and training domain and offer their guidance to the new comers to make them industry ready so that they can become experts.

Salary for Travel & Tourism Courses

These courses help the candidates to earn better salaries also due the advance and exposure enabled domain. One can expect the starting salary in the range of Rs.15000 to Rs.60000 on the monthly basis depending of his or her knowledge and abilities .Many colleges offer good placement assistance also and students get even better salaries. After getting the expertise and seniority in the travel and tourism sector one can get very lucrative packages with other benefits also.

Doctorate Travel And Tourism Courses in India

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