Industrial Management Courses in India

Introduction to Industrial Management Courses

Industrial Management is the branch of management that deals with the making and management of systems that involve people, energy and materials in a productive manner. To understand the basics of management is very significant in this era of industrialization. Industrial Management Courses provide core focus on industrial relationship and labor laws. Industrial Management Courses provide knowledge to candidates regarding the significant elements of manufacturing sector and to understand its cost centers and essential laws to run an industry. Aspirants who wish to understand management fundamentals and basic elements of a Manufacturing Industry can opt for any of Industrial Management Courses. Industrial management programs cover both the business and technical sides of this field through courses in management, materials, engineering technology and industrial organization. Decision-making, production and productivity improvement, principles of leadership and employee evaluation are the major concepts covered under Industrial Management Courses. Industrial management professionals have the responsibility of planning, implementing and supervising a company's production strategy. Business expertise is provided through this course by combining engineering subjects with management and manufacturing systems.

Different Types of Industrial Management Courses

Diploma courses, post graduate diploma courses, post graduate courses in technology and doctoral programs are available in Industrial Management Courses. Diploma courses range from six months to one year duration. Post graduate diploma courses and M. Tech in industrial management has two years duration. PhD in industrial management has been offered as a full time course for three years. Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM) is accredited as MBA equivalent by University Grants Commission (UGC). Candidates are allowed to select from functional that range from Human Resources and marketing to finance and information technology.

Eligibility for Industrial Management Courses

Graduation from any recognized institution serves as a basic requirement for entry into postgraduate courses in Industrial Management Courses. Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM) and MBA in industrial management admits students through the Common Admission Test (CAT). Each institute have their own specifications on CAT scores for selection of candidates.

How to apply for Industrial Management Courses

Students who have a basic knowledge in the industrial field and management field will find it easy to clear interviews and group discussions, which are part of admission process in some reputed institutions. Computer knowledge and better communication skills will make the candidate stronger in learning of Industrial Management Courses.

Scope/pay scale for Industrial Management Courses

India’s liberal economic policies have attracted many multinational companies and joint ventures to set up factories across the country. Career opportunities are plentiful for those pursuing Industrial Management Courses, due to globalization of Indian economy and opening up of industrial sector. As part of training professionals for the post of managers, use of computers, mathematics and statistics in management is emphasized. Industrial Management Courses can provide career roles like Industrial Production Manager, Production Manager, Facility Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Control Manager and many more. Industrial Manager has the main responsibility of planning and controlling a schedule for production, considering resources, budgets and deadlines. Experience and qualification are the key factors which determine remuneration in this field, even though professionals trained in Industrial Management Courses are in great demand these days.

Career Options in Management Courses

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