Rural Management Courses in India

Introduction to Rural Management Courses

In India overall development without inclusion of rural India is unsustainable. Professional managers are required to assist villagers in the growth and development of unattended areas. Rural management courses help in developing managers with the heart of a social worker and the mind of a business manager. People with degrees in social work and related fields are not suited for rural management, as they are only welfare-oriented and cannot trigger income-generating activities. Rural management courses lead to the cultivation of a sense of respect for the poor and under-privileged and in understanding factors which will help in the management of their problems. The rise of numerous developmental schemes for rural people through national and non-governmental bodies leads to need and importance of rural management to contribute to the progress of backward areas. Furthermore, rural management courses have become a subject to study and research at postgraduate level for individuals who are deeply concerned about the nation’s progress and development.

Different Types of Rural Management Courses

Several management institutes in the country offer degree and diploma courses in rural management courses. Postgraduate diploma program in rural development management and PG diploma in rural marketing diploma courses, with two years duration are courses of great demand among the aspirants. Other post graduate courses are MBA and masters in rural management. PhD programs are available for students seeking careers in research and specialized knowledge based positions in rural management institutions.

Eligibility for Rural Management Courses

Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized institute in any subject is the basic eligibility for rural management courses. All-India entrance tests conducted by the institute concerned serves as the initial step in the selection of candidates, which will be followed by group discussion and personal interview before the final selection.

How to apply for Rural Management Courses

Students with a basic interest in working for backward classes and their development can apply for Rural management courses if they fulfill norms and conditions put forth by related institutions. Distance education programs in rural management are also offered by some institutions through correspondence.

Scope/ Pay scale for Rural Management Courses

Rural managers are part of socioeconomic development of a rural area where resources are critically available. Rural world is close to Mother Nature and bringing about development should not harm the essence of nature. Rural management courses help professionals in implementing scientific knowledge to attain the goal of rural development. The primary targets of a rural development manager is to customize Science and technology in an ecological way which is made easier by rural management courses. Rural management students are easily absorbed into government agencies and non-government organizations. To manage developmental schemes and programs, persons trained in rural management courses are considered. Highly talented individuals can find job options in the UN and international NGOs. Various schemes for rural development are initiated from time to time and professionals trained in rural management courses are able to execute them systematically. There is a good chance for self-employment as independent rural managers, running their own NGOs are also able to make rich dividends in terms of salary, popularity, and prestige.

Career Options in Management Courses

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