Media Event Management Courses in India

Introduction to Media and Event Management Courses

Events are a part of life and in both professional as well as personal life, events become necessary. Conducting of those events need the professional touch and that is why professionals with qualifications and experience in event management are in great demand. Along with the event management, media management has become essential especially when conducting events on the governmental or the corporate level. The involvement of the media is now mandatory for both and hence media management courses have been integrated with the event management courses. Though both Media and Event Management Courses are conducted as two separate entities, both come under the purview of event and media management, in the sense that both are conducted by same institutions but are different sections of study. The event management courses are more connected with the management of events both simple events and those that are significant.

Different Types of Media and Event Management Courses

The Media and Event Management Courses are imparted as degrees and diploma courses. Undergraduate degrees are conducted for three years while Diploma courses are for two years. The subject areas that are covered usually include vast man-power management, scheduling of events, communication with various professionals, dignitaries and celebrities, time management, accounting, marketing and media management. There are also certificate course that can be undertaken for a year, which is helpful in managing the events and media if the certificate course is a specialization in any one of them. Evaluation is held in both the theory and practical examinations, with projects and assignments that simulate real time experiences. The Media and Event Management Courses is conducted in semesters.

Eligibility for Media and Event Management Courses

The eligibility criteria for the undergraduate Media and Event Management Courses is basically a 10+ 2 or higher secondary certificate from a recognized Board and the program is completed in three years or 6 semesters.

The post graduate Media and Event Management Courses require a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and the duration so of two years or 4 four semesters. In additions, some universities also require the CAT or the MAT score to be eligible for the post graduate course in Media and Event Management.

For diploma and certificate program usually the higher secondary schools certificate is eligible. Depending on the course the duration varies from a year to three years.

How to apply for Media and Event Management Courses

Basic educational qualifications, plus satisfying all the eligibility criteria can help the candidate apply for the Media and Event Management Courses. Applications are usually made on specific forms that is made available by the institutions. but sometimes, advertisements in newspapers and other media are made available through which students can apply for the Media and Event Management Courses.

Scope/pay scale for Media and Event Management Courses

Today the conducting of events and the role of media have grown in stature and importance, that is why having a degree in Media and Event Management Courses are very desirable as there is a great demand for people who are qualified in the field. Since today media has a great role to play in society, candidates having a media management degree stand a good chance to prosper with a highly lucrative pay scale all over the world.

Career Options in Management Courses

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