Career Options in Translator

Today, thanks to the internet the world has become a smaller place to live, work and hence the need for language experts have risen all the more. The business world becoming more and more globalized, today the need to learn multiple language besides English is becoming mandatory. Those in business who are not familiar with many other languages like Mandarin, Japanese, German, Dutch and French now utilize the services of translators who are specialists in multiple languages. It is commonly seen that most translators are very well versed in English and also some other languages so that they are able to translate from one language to English or vice versa.

Career Option in Translator Eligibility:

For a professional translator the basic requirement is a natural flair for languages. Besides, specializing in the language with an academic degree like a postgraduate or a doctoral degree would be a pre-requisite. Working on minor jobs as a freelancer will help the candidate gain more confidence in more significant scenarios. Acquiring language skills do not only mean speaking or translating, but writing also. A translator having a knowledge of a particular language must be familiar with the diction, tone and its syntax.

Required Skills for a Translator:

Besides the flair for languages and the academic degrees in the language, a translator should be very visible to get jobs. Therefore, having a website, or a blog is a good idea to market the skills. The main skills required include:

  • Highly skilled in writing in the languages in which translation is done.
  • Make sure the terminology and pronunciation is correct and as per the native speaker.
  • Develop confidence in communicating in the target languages to which the translation is being done.

How to become a translator?

Firstly, identify the language that you want to target for your translation. As a translator you are expected to be highly provident in the language, therefore taking an academic degree is ideal. Secondly, listen, read, write and speak the language more often and take up translation only when you feel comfortable in the target language. Finally and most importantly, do not miss an opportunity for a translator job even if the pay is less as the more practice the more skilled you will be in the job.

Job Description of a Translator

Today there are many opportunities for the job or a translator. Multinational companies have become globalized and require translators to speak not only the local language but also their native language as well as English.

Career Prospects of a Translator

Besides being able to work in MNCs and international organizations, the job prospects of a translator go well beyond that of simply translating. Sometimes it is very high level jobs where translators are needed. The judiciary is another area where the need for translators are high as translators of volumes of documents become necessary as they are passed on from one country to another.

Career Option in Translator Salary

Since translators charge tier rates on the basis of per word, they are very highly paid. Moreover, when it comes to translating talks between heads of states and foreign delegates who visit the country on government as well as non-governmental basis, the rates of the translator is extremely lucrative.

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