Career Options in Human Resourse

Human Resource is not just about liking people. Human Resource is not a job for someone who is a people’s person.Liking people will not be enough all by itself. More precisely the person has to be interested in getting the complete best out of people.It’s not just the milder ‘people skills’ that are imperative. An HR has to have a strong keenness in business and the strategy that fortifies his or her success. Being an HR will need a good level of proficiency and logical ability. Being able to work closely with colleagues and earn their respect and trust is another critical factor.Each company is distinctive and the scope of the HR function adjusts accordingly. HR departments often express the values of their company. First it is important to identify afirm whose values are in line with your thinking.

Human Resources Professionals in the Field

For a Human Resource specialist variety is the order of the day and he or she will get involved in a wide range of dedicated areas. One day the person could be working with management to decide on the people he or she needs to deliver their business strategy. The next day they could be organizing an employee concentrated group, getting to grasps with the issues that inspire teams. They could even develop a new benefits package or make sure a new HR information system delivers streamlined processes and support. As an HR the professionals may often find themselves supporting managers as they lead their teams. Their insight into constructing long-lasting presentation will be a vital tool of your trade.

Human Resources Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying to the HR courses are graduation in any discipline. The master’s program is of 2 years duration and PG Diploma program will be of 1 year duration. Chiefly admission to these programs is based on aptitude test, GD and interview. The selection procedure varies depending on the institutions. Most institutions admit students on the basis of marks scored in examinations like MAT by All India Management Association, CAT by IIMs, XAT by Xavier Institute etc. Some institutions conduct their own examinations to these courses. Many MBA courses provide Human Resource Management as a specialization to the major course. In MBA, the specialization will be offered in the 2nd year. Apart from MBA, MHRM is an exclusive 2 year program on Human resources.

Career Option in HR

The field of human resources provides one of the widest ranges of career opportunities in the workforce today. Though obviously glued by a set of common practices and goals, human resources careers are surprisingly varied. After gaining a human resources certificate, a graduate is qualified for many positions. These include Human Resources Clerk, HR Assistant, Recruiter, Training and Development Coordinator, Payroll Specialist and HR Generalist. A graduate with a human resource bachelor's degree may expect being placed positions like Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager, HR Information Systems Manager, Training and Development Manager and Labor Relations Manager. HR professionals who graduate with a master's degree are qualified higher job roles like Director of Human Resources and VP of Human Resources.

Human Resources Salary and Pay scale

Human Resource is one of the well-paying careers. The salaries for a fresher begin from 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs. But as the job role advances the remunerations and perks increase.

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