Career Options in Human Rights

Human Rights is a career where one grows and helps in society development also. This field consists of diversified streams with immense potential for talented professionals. It gives rewarding and challenging path to make one’s life successful. In last few years, career scope in human rights has increased very rapidly in various fields like teaching, journalism, social media etc. There are many NGO’s, Government and Non-governmental organizations working in the area with its multidisciplinary units. It is a broad and wide job oriented area for those who have natural interest in social work and human rights.


To join this field one should require a bachelor degree in any stream with an additional certification in Human Rights. There are several customized and specialized courses are available in this field. A lot of reputed colleges and universities are coming up with these courses to attract the talented youths. Many NGO’s are also offering various diploma and certification in Human Rights. Some of the courses are:

  • Bachelor degree in Law (LLB)
  • Master’s in Law (LLM)
  • Master’s in Political Science
  • Diploma in Human Rights
  • Diploma in Human Rights Law
  • Diploma in International Humanitarian Law
  • Diploma in International Development

Skills Required:

Knowledge alone will not make one successful in human right field. At the same time he has to inculcate right skills and attitude also. It can be learn through practice and real life exposure. Quick decision making and problem solving ability should be there. Interpersonal skills and communication skills are very much desired in this field. Other skills set which makes someone successful in this field are analytical & critical thinking, negotiation & conflict resolution skills, group behavior, network building, management skills and many more.

Job Prospect:

It is one of the vastest fields with plethora of job opportunities for the aspirants having background in Human Rights. Jobs in this field have different roles and designations like human right activist, analyst, professional, campaigner, worker etc. A lot of Governmental organizations (national & state level), NGO’s, Human Right agencies, social welfare departments and many other organizations absorb them as an employee. Some of the reputed organizations are:

  • Red Cross
  • National and State Human Rights Commissions
  • Commonwealth Human Rights Initiatives
  • Oxfam International
  • CRY
  • Human Right Watch
  • Amnesty International
  • Liberty


In this field salary depends on nature of job whether it temporary or permanent, organization and place. Starting salary is from Rs. 12000 – Rs. 20000. Those who have done professional courses or certification from reputed institutes can even expect higher salaries. After getting experience people get very lucrative salaries and other benefits like bonus, perks etc.

Therefore in today’s changing environment human right has come up as a good career option and people are turning to the field for jobs. One can work independently or as freelancer also to serve for the cause and at the same time can earn money also. Job seekers must try this sector to get a new challenge and growth.

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