Career Options in Corporate Sale

A corporate sale is a hot career option nowadays. Business houses expanding their businesses nationally and internationally.Corpoarate sales is the department which deals into business to business (B2B) segment. It takes care of the new business development and new customer acquisition at corporate levels. That is why it is a new career destination for the job seekers. Salaries are good and exposure is high in this field.


One must have bachelor degree to pursue a career in this field. MBA, BBA and many professional courses are available to use as launching pad to get an accelerated growth. All the top universities are offering various short terms and long term job oriented sales management modules to cater. These courses give a competitive edge over others. Many big corporates like ICICI bank, TATA etc. have ventured with various universities and educational institute to impart industry ready workshops. One can enroll there and after completion of the module the parent firm provides them full time /part time employment.

Skills Required

Anyone who has the ability to interact with people efficiently can come to the field. Communication skills, team behavior, convincing skills, negotiation power and people management skills are a pre requisite for the field. One must be able to face the cut throat competition, take fast and bold decision and with excellent analytical skills. Written and verbal communication skills are required to perform because one has to prepare proposals, presentations, reports etc.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are immense into corporate sales. Companies hire skilled people in the sales team so that new business avenues can be explored. Various job roles are available like sales executive, sales officer, sales manager, area sales manager, business head, sales head and many more. These positions handle direct selling, departmental selling, mass selling and wholesaling. Most of the corporations expanding their operations across the borders and send their corporate sales team to take out profitable business deals and corporate tie ups and joint venture.


Income potential is always better in sales oriented jobs. People start their career into corporate sales from a salary range of Rs.20000 to Rs.35000.Incentives based on the volume of the business can also be earned which sometimes are more than the salaries. Senior manager get very hefty compensation packages.Although anybody can earn a lot of money in this domain if he or she performs. If the sales team is coming up with good numbers and achieving its targets, they get a lot of other facilities also like vehicle, flight travel, tour packages, stock options etc. This salary structure makes corporate sales a very rewarding career choice among new entrants.

Market Scenario

There is very good growth shown by the sector in past 10 years. Those who started their career early are at fairly senior positions now. Companies are not hesitating in giving handsome salaries and growth to the corporate sales team employees.

One who is starting his career can definitely try this sector. It will surely give a kick start to the career in all respect

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