Career Options in Sales Support

Sales support is considered a stable and strong career option in various industries .Pre sales and post sales activities can be termed as sales support functions because they not only involve in customer service but also give the base to analyze the sales quality. Many companies hire separate skilled sales support team and offer good salaries and other benefits also. One who is starting his professional life can join the sales support department to take a jump start.


To make sales support a career one should be graduate in any stream. Those having specialized degrees in communication, project management, SAP, BBA, MBA, B.Tech. or others can decide to join specific domain also. Many firms and institute offer various courses and modules on all aspect of sales support functions like customer service, art of written communication,liasioning,data analysis,slaes management, selling skills,onboarding etc.By opting these courses one can become competent enough to join.

Skills Set Required

Good customer service and resolving all the queries are the major responsibilities of a sales support staff. They take the basic specifications from the client, so attention to detail; fair observation skills and interpretation skills should be at premium. Other skills which are very crucial and important in the domain are data analysis, data interpretation, conversion of information into business possibility, excellent written and oral communication skills, listening skills, patience, empathy, service to sales approach and other relevant traits.

Job Options

Enormous jobs are available in the sales support department in all the industries like banking, retail, telecommunication, IT support, tech support, logistics and supply chain, fast food chains, transport management, software and list is endless. One can join any sector of his interest to start with. They can start with various designations like

  • Support Executive
  • Pre sales officer
  • Sales support manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Service Desk Executive
  • Tele sales Executive/Officer
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Customer On boarding Officer

There are various departments as pre sales, customer service, front desk, after sales service desk, query resolution desk etc.


Though it is a stable career option salaries sometimes may not be that attractive at entry level but after gaining experience and knowledge of the domain very handsome packages are offered. One can start with a monthly salary of Rs.8000 to Rs.20000. After becoming older in the system it gets increased to in the range of Rs.35000 to Rs.50000. Some professional qualified candidates get a better start due of Rs.25000 of more on the monthly basis and become team leaders. However salary is a function of one’s knowledge, qualification, practical experience and other relevant skill sets.

Recent Trend

In the past decade organization has expanded their businesses multifold and sales support job has also gone exponentially on the increasing side. Sales support is the back bone of any amazing sales team. Growth in this sector nowadays is immense and anybody who is starting his career or looking for a change in his industry must join this booming department.

Therefore sales support has become a promising career option due to its stability and growth potential.

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