Career Options in Institutional Sales

Institutional sales involves dealing with companies ,corporates,business houses and selling one’s product and services at mass level. It differs from retail sales where dealing is with the end user directly. In this era of globalization institutional sales has come up as a robust career option among the job seekers. It offers the exposure to learn highest degree of professionalism, exceptional customer service orientation and elegant communication skills with very high income and growth opportunities.


If one wants to enter in the institutional sales he has to possess a minimum bachelor degree in any stream.Specialised courses like BBA, MBA, B.Tech or other professional courses can give an added advantage. A lot of institutes and universities nowadays offer courses in sales and marketing. One can do small duration short term certifications or enroll into 1 year/2 year long course to understand the concept and market scenario.

Skills Required:

Sales is very challenging but growth potential domain. Here interpersonal skills, customer relationship management, communication skills, negotiation skills and convincing skills play the major role.Anaytical thinking and critical thinking also help to deal with various kinds of customers. Targets are always very high in institutional sales so one must have a go getter and never give up attitude. One has to keep himself/herself presentable and groomed in all the customer meetings and engagements. Basic computer knowledge is also required for report making, presentation preparation, proposal making and communicating with clients over internet.


Sales jobs are always in demand and available throughout the year. Every company needs an amazing sales team, so one can try starting his career with sales. Being the backbone of any organization institutional sales offer very promising job avenues nationally and internationally. They are very respectable and key post in any company. They are associated with direct selling, corporate government liaisoning with different designations like regional manager, marketing manager, sales manager and many more.


Sales offers a varied salary range. A simple graduate can start with a monthly salary of Rs.12000 to Rs.20000 and it increases with the experience and learning.Professionaly qualified like MBA,BBA and others from reputed institutes can expect better starting salary of Rs.20000 to Rs.40000 where their skills and aptitude are measured with various interviews and tests. Sales people are paid very high with lucrative incentives and other benefits like bonus, perks, stock options, holiday packages etc.

Recent Scenario:

Every organization nowadays is expanding its business and hiring huge number of sales staff. We can see any industry like Banking,Manufacturing,Retail,Hospitality,Education or other and jobs are available in plenty quantity. An institutional sale is one of the major departments from where sales staff hiring are coming up. Institutional sales jobs are there at domestic level as well as at International level.

Therefore this has evolved as promising and rewarding career avenues among youth of present times. It offers greatest platform to hone one’s skills like communication and personality development. Income potential is also huge and to survive in today’s challenging and competitive environment sales can be the first career choice.

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