Foreign Courses in India

Introduction to Foreign Courses

Foreign Courses are those that enable the student taking it up to prepare for careers related to the various foreign embassies, language translation, foreign affairs, and other related careers. There are many career opportunities that relate to the financial sector, trade and tariffs, and also defense sectors whereby a number of treaties that are signed between nations are managed. A very significant and popular foreign course today is that of international business in which the Master’s degree is offered. This has been very popular among the younger generation and is being considered as a course of study so that they are able to land jobs in multinational companies and also in organizations in other countries.

Different Types of Foreign Courses

There are many different types of foreign courses and they include:

Indian Foreign Service Course: One of the most aspired course in the foreign services, this course leads to the top jobs in the government foreign ministries, embassies and High commissions abroad. This is a competitive examination and once the student is able to succeed, there is a bright future for the student.

Learning Foreign Languages:There are many institutions like Alliance François that offer French classes. Similarly, there are institutions that offer courses in many languages like Spanish, Italian, German and French. Some of these institutions are under the Central government while there are many that are privately managed institutions.

Courses in Foreign Affairs: This is a very high profile course, as it leads to the top jobs in the foreign office of the government as well as the non- governmental organizations like the United Nations and its ancillary organizations.

Eligibility for Foreign Courses

In most of the foreign courses, the minimum eligibility is a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. There is no basic eligibility to take up the learning of foreign languages unless the student aspires to take up a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a particular language. In most cases, the learning of languages is usually done out of interest for the language so the basic knowledge of English is essential, however, not mandatory.

A high scoring Bachelor’s degree is essential for the IFS or the Indian Foreign Service and the other courses in the Foreign Affairs. Having a Master’s degree in Foreign Affairs, International Business, and other courses that are related to the foreign studies is an added advantage.

How to apply for Foreign Courses

Application to most of the courses is dependent on the institutions conducting the course. However, to apply for the Indian Foreign Service competitive examination, the body that conducts the competitive examinations, which is the UPSC, or the Union Public Service Commission, announces the dates and procedures for applications which must be strictly adhered to.

Scope/pay scale for Foreign Courses

A job at the Indian Embassy abroad or in the Indian Foreign Service is one of great respect, regard and above all highly paying. So, quite naturally a large population of student make an effort to get through the competitive examinations, which is a really tough job. Other jobs include that of the translator. The scope and pay scale of the translator would largely depend on the area in which the translator is working. If working in the government the job is like to be very lucratively paid.

Undergraduate (UG) Foreign Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Foreign Courses in India

Career Options in Management Courses

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