Textile Management Courses in India

Introduction to Textile Management Courses

Textile management is concerned with the aspects of managing clothing and apparel. The textile industry is one of the oldest and rapidly growing industry in India is in need of skilled workers which are provided by Textile management courses. The Indian textile industry is the second largest sector in providing employment to the workers, either directly or indirectly. The textile management courses open wide range of opportunities from manufacturing to marketing. To enhance more creativity and design of apparels, textile management is combined with fashion technology. The knowledge acquired during textile management courses is utilized for the management of processing and production in the textile industry. The role of a textile manager varies according to the type of organization and generally involve managing the production aspects and studying the clothing market. Textile management courses help to bring innovations, according to observed fashion changes and bring out quality products which are affordable.

Different Types of Textile Management Courses

Textile management courses are provided under some of the specialized fields such as textile marketing, sales promotion, textile fabric production, public relations and human resources. Advances in textile production, entrepreneurship development and computer applications in textiles are some of the major areas covered by the courses. Diploma course is offered in apparel manufacturing technology. In textile management, apparel management and home textile management postgraduate diploma courses are offered. Few reputed institutes offer MBA in textile management and the MSc in textiles and clothing.

Eligibility for Textile Management Courses

Post graduate diploma in textile management courses like textile management and apparel management are two year courses, which requires a graduate degree in any discipline with preference given for textile graduates and two years of work experience in textile related industry. Post graduate diploma in home textile management is a one year course with requirements same as above. MBA in textile management can be pursued by graduates in any stream. Some of the diploma courses require basic education and plus two for admission.

How to apply for Textile Management Courses

Reputed institutions follow their own set of rules and regulations for the selection of candidates to various textile management courses. A selection of some of the textile management courses is generally made on the basis of MAT score or entrance exam followed by group discussion and personal interview.

Scope/ Pay scale for Textile Management Courses

India is a land of diversity which is very much reflected in the cultural attire of the people. This ethnic diversity leads to demand for a variety of costumes and apparels with varying designs. So there is a need for skilled persons who have pursued textile management courses and can impart their knowledge for the growth of textile industry. Those with skill and attained a graduate degree in textile management courses can work in areas ranging from manufacturing to marketing in textile units. There is wide scope for research in textile management courses as the industry demands the need to improve currently available products and develop new ones. Areas like product development, technical sales, marketing, human resources and customer relations require textile management graduates and diploma holders for employment. Textile industry provides opportunities for management graduates in product development, research, fabric making and sales.

Career Options in Management Courses

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