Operations Management Courses in India

Introduction to Operations Management Courses

Operations management is the management of systems or processes that create goods and provide services. As a specialized profession, operation management includes implementation of strategies, designing and controlling the process of converting raw material into the final products and has a wide range of responsibilities related to decision making such as product designing, maintenance, quality and so on. Operation management courses provide students with concepts, tools and techniques to design and improve core operational capabilities and apply them to a broad range of application domains and industries. Major topics covered under operation management courses include production control, quality management, process design, risk pooling and revenue management. Operation management courses help in developing the knowledge and skills of the professionals in the function of operations of any enterprise in the business sector.

Different Types of Operations Management Courses

The topics coming under operation management courses include supply chain management, modeling dynamic systems, technology management and quality management. Graduate level operation management courses are offered and research is carried out in the areas of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Reverse Logistics, E-Commerce, Services Management, Production Planning & Control, Project Management and Design of Manufacturing Systems.

Eligibility for Operations Management Courses

A person who is eager to build a career in this field must be competing at national and international level. Deep understanding of the processes in the field which are common in the current situation is a must as far as operations manager is concerned. Operation management courses can help develop leadership qualities, decision making abilities. Problem-solving skills, good communication skills, better understanding of computers and responsibility which are prerequisites for this job.

How to apply for Operations Management Courses

Operation management courses are available at certificate, graduate and post graduate courses. For admission into three year bachelor’s degree program a higher secondary education from a recognized university is expected. The advanced certificate courses and certificate course also require plus two as eligibility criteria. For admission into two year master’s degree program a student must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from any recognized university or institute.

Scope/pay scale for Operations Management Courses

Immense career opportunities are available for the students in Operations management. For those who have completed any of the operation management courses have wide range of career opportunities in the field of Insurance, Consulting Firms, Retail, Financial Institutions, Information Technology, Construction, Hospitality and Manufacturing. Forecasting manager, Operations Planner, Purchasing and Materials Manager, Process and Methods Planner, Warehouse Manager are some of the profiles offered for a person with graduation in operation management courses. Placements exist in various sectors like IT, FMCG, Consultancy, Banking and Finance and even Pharmacy and Healthcare. Operations Management jobs for fresh graduates are offered by numerous employment sectors, mainly in service sector industries. In industries such as BPOs, Collection and Recovery, Fresh graduates can apply for a job. Apart from these sectors, other industries are also available where an individual can apply for operations management jobs at the entry level. Efficiency, job profile, knowledge, skills, experience and a degree in one of the operation management courses act as the major factors determining the pay scale of operations managers.

Career Options in Management Courses

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