Technical Courses in India

The Technical Courses in India became significant with the establishment of the All India Council for Technical Education and today the Council conducts a long list of Technical Courses in India. Most of the Technical Courses in India are conducted in the Technical Institutes in India. The vocational education offered by the various technical and polytechnic institutions include variety of courses that include degrees, diplomas and post-diploma vocational education in both technical and non-technical disciplines.

The Main Objective of Technical Courses in India

Education in most of the Technical Courses in India is imparted with the sole objective of enabling the student with the necessary vocational skills that would help the student to embark on a profession in life. And that is why there are technical schools and institutes that conduct Certificate courses for students who want to acquire a skill so that they are enabled to enter a profession quite early in life. These Institutes known as the Industrial Training Institutes conduct training in various skills that are essential for jobs in the various industries. Skills like electrification process, welding, lathe operations, heavy machinery operations and many others depending on the industry. The skills learned are either generic or industry specific. These ITI trained young people can take up jobs immediately after their completion of the courses. Today it is even possible to get jobs easily after training at the ITIs as there is an unprecedented growth in industries, especially in India.

What are the Technical Courses in India?

The demand for skilled professionals is so high that today some Technical Courses in India conduct degree courses in vocational training like degree and diploma courses in Catering Management, Home Science, and many similar courses. Another very effective and beneficial trend is the introduction of courses related to various fields in engineering and agriculture. Tool making is a highly preferred course taken up as a vocational training. Some of the rare and newly introduced Technical Courses in India include:

  • Beauty Industry: Certifications courses, Diploma and Degree courses in Beauty Culture, Cosmetology, Hair Dressing, and Beautician courses.
  • Entertainment Industry: Lighting Techniques, Photography, Stage lighting, Painting , Art Decoration.
  • Food Industry: Baking techniques, food processing and preservation, Food production, Food Canning and related disciplines are the other Technical Courses in India.
  • Auto Industry: Auto mechanism, Auto Wheel threading and related subjects of study.
  • Other industries include Garment industry, Hotel industry and Airline industry in which there is a great demand for people who are highly skilled in different vocations. .

Career Options in Professional Courses

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