Film Tv Courses in India

About the Film and TV Courses

Film and TV Courses are very popular in the present scenario. Students get national and international exposure to learn many things. In these courses aspirants are taught about the different integral parts and underlying concepts and techniques that make one an excellent professional in the domain. These classes are more on practical interventions and less of class room orientations .Students learn with the help of role plays, case studies, simulation, gaming, real life scenarios, live projects and learn the different aspects of the Film and TV domains like editing, photo shooting, video making, script writing, action, drama, report making, dialogue writing, communication techniques, advertisement developments and many other concepts. Several institutes, private TV channel and film production houses are there which offer very good courses in the domain of Film and TV with excellent trainers, good infrastructure and fair learning interventions and students have many option to select from. One can do any course as per his interest and requirements and excel in the field. Courses like diploma, certificate and higher degree modules can be the options. These courses last in 1 year to 5 years depending on the institute and the kind of course one goes for. There are several very top end tailor made courses that one can do to add next level to his skills and competence.

Eligibility for Film and TV Courses

A 12th pass or graduate in any stream can start the elementary courses and after that can go for the desired specialization in a particular domain. For higher courses like graduation and post graduation one has to carry the basic qualification in the similar domain or in any other relates field or discipline. One also needs to check that these courses must be approved and accredited from the relevant government departments and competent associations to reap the maximum benefit out of it.

Career Options for Film and TV Courses

Film and TV courses open a wide spectrum of opportunities and possibilities for the job seeking candidates. They can work with various agencies like film makers, production units, set designers, publishing companies, advertising firms, copywriting companies ,radio stations ,TV channels, training centers ,advertising agencies, corporate communication, Public Relation campaigners, event management companies, universities, schools, colleges and many other governments and private organizations. They work there at various designation like actors, anchors, directors, organizers, videographers, personal assistants, video jockeys, script writers, anchors, hosts and many other .Many aspirants instead of taking such jobs prefer to start their independent work by opening their own firms where they take fresh candidates or take from outside consultants and train them and give their expert services and advice .They charge fees for the services rendered and get name and fame. Many aspirants chose to become teachers and trainers and they approach to the various colleges and universities to get empanelled to guide and mentor the new candidates.

Salary for Film and TV Courses

Film and TV domain offers diversified salary options.Starting salaries could be in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.70000 on the monthly basis and when one becomes senior there are very lucrative packages offered.

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