Radio Jockeying Courses in India

About the Radio Jockeying Courses

Radio Jockeying Courses are one of the new areas of career that has been developed in the recent years with the advancement in the domain of radio stations and due the commercialization of the domain. In such courses candidate are taught about the different concepts like audience profiling, communication skills, public relations, language studies, creative thinking, and lateral thinking modules. There are several institutes which offers these courses and train and teach about the radio production ,confidence building, telephonic chat techniques ,mass media, mass communication, verbal and non verbal communication, models and levels of communications, society, culture, information need ,pattern of human behavior, motivation, leadership, time management, music ,public speaking, inter personal skills, planning and organizing a perfect presentation method, preparation and the use of visual effects and aids in conversation. Apart from that these courses focus on art, music, drama, liberal arts, advertising, research methodology for sampling, questionnaire making, data analysis, report making, press, and folk media. Certificate and diploma courses are available and one can chose from. There are degree courses also and one gets specialization in the desired domain with right knowledge, skills and attitude.

Eligibility for Radio Jockeying Courses

There are several courses and one can do them if they are eligible to. Intermediate pass candidates can go for diploma and certificate modules. Those who want to pursue the higher studies modules need to be a graduate in the similar fields or in related fields. Before joining any course one must check with prerequisite information.

Career Options for Radio Jockeying Courses

Radio Jockeying Courses open a wide spectrum of opportunities and possibilities nationally and internationally. Nowadays many channels and player are there in the market which offer very good career to the job seeking aspirants. These professionals can work with different news channels, commercial mass media, prasar bharti, doordarshan and many other service providers like Radio Mirchi, Red FM, AIR FM Radio, Radio One, Fever 104, Big FM etc. These firms hire them as radio jockey, announcers, anchors, hosts, Public Relation Officers, event organizers, advertising campaigners and many different designations as defined by the organizations and companies. They can work as freelance service providers and can approach the different clients independently to give their services in terms of anchoring, event management and others. They charge fees in return of the services and become famous. Many other candidates take the teaching and training domain as their career and join the colleges and institutes to guide and mentor the upcoming aspirants about the Radio Jockeying Courses and its concepts. This way they help the students to become competent to fulfill the market demand of skilled man power in the field of Radio Jockeying.

Salary Structure for Radio Jockeying Courses

It is very good area and one can get name, fame and money at the fullest. Starting salary in this domain can vary from Rs.20000 to Rs.60000 depending on the candidates. Once they become senior and experienced they are being offered very good compensation packages with many other benefits also. Hence Radio Jockeying is an excellent career choice to start with.

Certification Radio Jockeying Courses in India

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